Laurenzo Roux
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About Laurenzo Roux

Basic Stats

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 183cm
  • Contest Shape: 115-105
  • Off-season Shape: 125-130
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Green


  • 2 Years Matrial arts
  • 2 Years Strength and conditioning coach Mixed Martial Arts Club
  • 22 Years Body Building

Hobbies / Interests

  • Music (house, techno music)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Eating
  • Reading books

Training Favorites

  • Favorite Bodypart To Train : Chest or legs ( can’t decide )
  • Favorite Exercise : Depends which one gets me the biggest pump that day.

Eating Favorites

  • Favorite Diet Food : Rice cake with no sugar jelly on it / salade with steak and olive oil
  • Favorite Junk Food : Cheeseburgers / Chinees food / Pizza


  • How you started working out?

    When I wase younger by looking in magazines like Muscle & fitness, Musclemag and seeing those guys looking huge. The where looking like super hero’s to me. One time I hear there whould be a women guru in the bodybuilding, I whase very curious who it could be so I informed myself who this person whase. Her name is Sibil Peeters “ trainer from hell “ . She got this name the way how she trained body builders. Also her athletes were always looking amazing on stage. So I looked up to her how she could transform those persons and so that’s the reason why i wanted to know more and more about the sport.

  • How did you become interested in doing bodybuilding competitions?

    I whase knowing guys who competed at that time and when they preparing for a show I saw how they trained , dieting down for the show and sometimes how they sufferd but there look in there eyes for victory whase something I never saw. So I wanted to feel what they felt, to see how it is. So I did and I got bite by the “ bodybuilding bug “ how they called and very soon after that I entered my very first show where I ended as 3 de in the heavy class + 95 kg .

    But I didn’t stop there I still went on competing after that.

  • What are some of your bodybuilding goals?

    To be able to become first in natural bodybuilding contest, find a sponsor who beliefs in me and to see from there on. I like to put continues goals because life is short, so I want to live the max out of it by achieving my goals what I put on myself.

    Also to help other once to achieving there goals, like the average person of person with a specific goal.

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